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What is an Airport Transfer Service

24Jan 2022

What is an Airport Transfer Service

Airport Transfer Service

Most reliable and executive car service in Walton-on-Thames & Hersham area.

How to Choose the Best One for You:

When you’re traveling, one of the most important things is making sure that you get to and from the airport safely and on time. This is why many people choose to use an airport transfer service. But what is an airport transfer service, and how do you choose the best one for you? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more!

What is an Airport Transfer Service?

An airport transfer taxi service is a type of transportation that takes you from one place to another via a taxi. This can include:
From the airport: When you land at an international or domestic airport and need to travel to your hotel, for example. Many airports offer this service where they supply you with a voucher and direct you to the taxi stand right outside the terminal doors. If you use an airport transfer taxi service, you can avoid congested cabs (like New York City yellow cabs during rush hour), so the fact that there is not much traffic generally means it will go smoothly and quickly; you can even sleep en route!

From your home: You may want to take an airport transfer taxi service if you live far away from the airport. This could be because you are physically unable to drive yourself or just don’t feel comfortable doing so when it’s late at night, and there is nobody else in the car with you.

For a business trip: There may also be times when taking an airport transfer taxi service makes more sense for a business trip. For example, if your travel itinerary only allows for one day in a city before moving on to another location. In this case, since time is of the essence, why not make things easier by going straight from the plane to where you need to be? Or vice versa. Go directly home once your meeting is over instead of wasting valuable time driving back to your hotel and checking in, for example.

The Taxi Stand: In some cities, there is a centralized taxi stand area, a hub where taxis congregate. If you are going somewhere from this location, it may be possible to take an Airport transfer Taxi service directly from here. This also reduces the chances of being scammed by a cab driver as they would not know that you didn’t travel there under your own steam (and thus will not expect payment).

Why use an airport transfer Taxi service?

An airport transfer taxi service can be a very convenient way to travel between two places. It offers the convenience of sitting back and relaxing, knowing that you are not responsible for any traffic jams or accidents (such as car
accidents). Additionally, if you are traveling solo, it means that there will at least be one other person in the car with you (the driver), which makes people feel safer than when they are alone.

10 Benefits of using Airport Transfer Service:

1) Cheaper: Airport transfer service is a lot cheaper than taking a private car or renting a car.
2) Easier: Airport Transfer is a lot easier than going through the trouble of finding a cab, negotiating a price, and making sure you have enough cash on hand to pay the cab driver.
3) More Convenient: With Airport Transfer, you do not need to carry cash or worry about paying by credit card on arrival at your destination.
4) Faster: An Airport Transfer saves time because you do not need to stop anywhere along your route if you don’t want to; thus, an airport transfer taxi service is faster than taking public transport like the subway (a lot of
underground stations make it difcult for taxis to pick-up).
5) Easier on Luggage: Going through the hustle and bustle of a busy train station with luggage can be more difcult than nipping straight into a cab without worrying about nding a parking space near the station’s entrance (since most of the time airport transfer taxi service picks you up from outside of the terminal).
6) Safer: Many airports have a centralized taxi stand, so if you are going to a certain area where taxis congregate, this will be safer than hailing it down on the street (like in New York City, which has many cabs scamming incidents).
Additionally, if taking an Airport Transfer Taxi, there will at least be one other person in the car with you (the driver); thus making it safer than when traveling alone
7) Know Price before Traveling: People do not always know how much their trip is going to cost by just looking at a map or directions. However, taking an Airport Transfer Taxi service means that you know exactly how much your trip is going to cost in advance, so there are no surprises.
8) More Relaxing: Traveling on an Airport Transfer Taxi service means that you do not need to drive yourself; thus, it will be more relaxing as you can sit back and enjoy the ride (instead of worrying about taking turns or making sure you don’t miss a turn, etc.)
9) Time Saver: An Airport Transfer taxi service takes away some of the hassles of getting from one place to another; compared to public transport like trains and metros where people usually have to walk or take several different modes of transportation (e.g., bus, metro, and train). With an Airport Transfer taxi service, all you need to do is go directly from the terminal to your destination (it will even drop you at the door).
10) Save Money: Airport Transfer services are not as expensive as hiring a car, taking a private taxi, or public transportation like trains and buses. Additionally, many airports now allow drivers to pick people up from the terminal, thus making it cheaper than an official Taxi service.

Will Put a smile on your face with our friendly service.

As you can see, there are several benefits of using an Airport Transfer Taxi service; such as having to drive yourself which saves time and makes it more relaxing whereas with public transport there is always something else that
needs doing (e.g., turn left here).

The fact that travelers do not have to worry about carrying cash means they won’t get scammed by cab drivers who think they don’t know the price of the trip. With an Airport Transfer taxi service,
travelers know exactly what they are getting into and can plan their budget accordingly. Of course, all this is provided if the drivers are trustworthy; thus, remember to always research reviews before hiring a cab (or look for one that
has been recommended by someone you trust).

Things to consider while choosing an Airport Transfer Taxi Service?

1) Confirm Anticipated Price: Confirm the price of your Airport Transfer Taxi service before going on your trip. This can be done by going online and looking for a fare calculator or speaking to someone at the company who can give you a quote.
2) Transfer Time: Ask about how long it will take to get from one destination to another once you have arrived at the airport.
3) Book in Advance: If hiring an Airport Transfer taxi service, book a transfer into London’s Heathrow Airport, then try to book at least 3-4 days in advance because prices tend to go up closer to the departure date.
4) Confirm Pick-Up Location: Confirm where you will be picked up; most companies will pick you up from either the terminal or a nearby location.
5) Be Able to Cancel: Make sure you book a service that allows cancellations, as some Airport Transfer taxi companies will not allow this. Look for a taxi to Heathrow from Central London provides good customer service and has several complaints about poor customer service.
6) Give Clear Instructions: Give the company your ight information and other details which should be printed on your ticket so they can pick you up at the right time and place; if possible, also give them any other special instructions (e.g., take luggage X to check-in Y)
7) Ask About Extras: Some companies may charge extra fees such as tolls or congestion charges. Ask what these might be before booking as it could significantly increase the cost of your trip
8) Ask About Driver Details: If you are picked up by a cab driver rather than a dispatcher, confirm their name and contact details. Some Airport Transfer taxis can have several drivers working for them who may not all speak English fluently; thus, it is important that they know how to contact you in case anything goes wrong while on route
9) Hidden Charges: Beware of extra fees; some Airport Transfer taxis will charge fees even if the customer books online (because there are sometimes last-minute variables that mean they need to change their plans). Always ask about any extra charges which might be involved with traveling to Heathrow from Central London or vice versa
10) Travel Insurance: Make sure you have travel insurance covering your trip; if you do not have any, then you should consider taking out some before traveling.
11) Seat belts: Ensure the vehicle that picks you up has seat belts in case of an accident; this is important for safety and legal reasons. If the driver cannot provide these, then it is worth contacting another company.
12) Is Child Seating Available? Some Airport Transfer taxi services will only allow four passengers, but some also include child seats (e.g., Luxury Cars London) while others may not do so (e.g., No 7 Minicabs). So be sure to check with the company before booking so that you know whether or not child seats are available
13)Testimonials: Check to see whether or not the company has any testimonials from previous customers. This is important as it allows you to see what other people think of a particular business and can be a good indicator of their
customer service skills

our staff will help with your bag. Hersham Taxis

What is the Best Airport Transfer Taxi Service?

Walton taxis service is a popular Airport Transfer taxi service. It has been running for over 20 years and is known as a reliable service that caters to all customer’s needs at the best price possible.

They operate from all areas in London, including Central London and Heathrow airport. Contact them now to nd a taxi to Central London or other destinations within the UK.

What other services do they offer?

Walton taxis also provide other great services such as airport pick up from Heathrow airport at specific times, transport from the airport to central London, meet and greet services, and disabled access if needed. So make sure
you check with them first before booking another transfer company.

10 Reasons why Walton taxis service is best

1) They have over 2,500 happy customers, which means they know how to take care of the customers.
2) Over 20 years of experience in the industry, which makes their credibility in the market.
3) Meet and greet services and wheelchair availability available upon request.
4) Fast and reliable transfers to Heathrow airports or Central London.
5) Airport drop off at specic time slots – see their website for details.
6) Passenger safety is a priority as they have CCTV tted inside and outside all vehicles, which can be viewed live by the driver as well as the passenger. They also keep detailed records of each journey which can be made available if ever needed for legal reasons such as insurance claims etc. So overall, they are very professional when it comes to customer service, and this reects on their reviews online, including Trustpilot, which has them rated 9.3/10
7) Taxis Walton on the Thames offers a wide range of cars that can be viewed on their website; these include new models such as the Audi A6 and Mercedes E class, executive saloons such as Ford Mondeos, and premium minibus options for groups of 8-15 people. All cars have full insurance included, so there is no need to take out your own policy or pay extra for this option.

The airport transfer taxi service industry is becoming very popular amongst travelers who want to save money and time. Customers can book their taxi in advance over the phone, online, or just turn up on the day depending on availability and need. Researching a company beforehand is an important step when looking for a reliable driver who offers you discount prices and safely takes you to your destination.
Walton taxis are one of these companies; they have been running for years and provide all types of transfers such as airport pick-ups, meet and greet services, central London transport, etc. They operate from Central London (including Heathrow airport) to any destination within the UK. So if you’re planning a trip soon, then look no further than Walton taxis service.
8) Cabs Walton on the Thames are fully licensed by Transport For London (TFL). TFL is responsible for all transport in London, including taxis, buses, trains, etc. This means they are being constantly monitored to ensure that they are up to date with current legislation when it comes to safety standards within the taxi industry
9) Able to provide a range of payment options: Cash, PayPal, and credit cards (all major brands including visa, MasterCard, and American Express). This means you can pay how you want; if the driver doesn’t accept a card, then cash is always an option
10) A free meet and greet service is available, as well as a live vehicle tracker, which allows passengers to see exactly where their taxi is at any given time. Depending on availability, they also give customers the opportunity to book in
advance or just turn up on the day. Recap – the are very efficient when it comes to meeting customers’ needs, so there should be no reason you would have a problem booking your London Airport transfer with them.


If you are looking for a reliable taxi service, Walton taxis are the best option. They have all the services you need at low prices compared to competitors in London. Their customer service is also very good, which means they will care
for your every need.

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