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Our Cars


Our Cars

Are you looking for a car to book for your daily city trips? While more luxury-inspired and spacious options do exist, a saloon car taxi is considered the best overall. That’s because our saloons are more affordable to book than any other vehicle and provide you with the comfort you’d expect from a higher-end car. Is there anything else you need when heading off to a coffee shop to meet your friend or going to indulge in some shopping?

A saloon car for hire can also tick the right boxes if you have some bags, so it’s never as small as it may seem. More specifically, our saloons can seat four people and carry a moderate amount of luggage. Of course, you wouldn’t want to book a saloon for moving, but any trip that involves shopping bags, carry-ons or one large bag will feel perfect with this type of car.

All our saloons are newer models. They are upgraded with the latest body improvements and technologies for the safety of our passengers, adults or kids.

Saloons are the gems of our fleet. They are the most frequently booked cars, and we invest massively in keeping them in tip-top shape for every trip.

Are you looking for a car to book for a grand arrival at a business meeting, corporate event or wedding venue? Nothing displays your sense of achievement more intensely than an executive car service. Our executive vehicles are the most luxurious options in our fleet and far superior to any regular car or mid-range brand in how they make you feel during your trip and upon your arrival.

Even a 10-minute trip in a premium executive car is long enough to revel in its performance, handling and amenities. From seats to integrated entertainment systems, you’ll love everything these prestigious vehicles have to offer to satisfy your self-respect.

That said, luxury taxis are not for everyone. They are incredibly popular among business people who love to travel in black premium sedans and those who value high-end amenities more than anything else. But luxury trips come with higher taxi fares, and that’s why executive cars may not be best for commuting or daily travel.

When treating yourself to our executive car service, you can invite some of your friends, colleagues or business partners to join you for a luxury ride. Our executive vehicles can seat three people while ensuring you are not packed shoulder to shoulder.

Are you looking for a car to book for a family trip or to carry your team to a morale-boosting event? An MPV taxi, or multi-purpose vehicle taxi, will meet all your transportation and comfort needs when other vehicle options are likely to fail. Our MPVs are so spacious that you can lie flat on those soft seats while enjoying plenty of legroom during your trip around Walton-on-Thames or surrounding areas.

Our MPV taxis are robust six-seaters, but the space they offer isn’t only for passengers. Whether you are travelling with hardside luggage bags and totes or have a baby stroller, ski gear and a couple of tool boxes with you, an MPV can help haul all your things. And you won’t have to overload the car or tie your belongings to the roof.

The safety features of our MPVs make them excellent for visiting places with kids. Once you hire an MPV car, you can rest easy, knowing your little ones won’t get hurt while we are on the road. Our multi-purpose vehicles are equipped with the safest car seats and are rid of interior dangers that may lead to cut accidents or bruises when getting over rough bumps.