These days, a good number of entrepreneurs tend to make a good start in on-demand taxi services. It is reflected by the fact that OLA & UBER receive lots of applications from new car drivers and companies to join its rapidly increasing business venture. At first glance, it seems profitable and does not require serious investment as anyone can hire two or three drivers with cell phones, dispatcher and boldly get down to work instantly.
As a customer, you don’t get the desired taxi services, which is quite contrary to the advertisements made in favor of taxi services. So, let’s have a close look at the expectations Vs Reality of Taxi services which are explained here below:

24*7 Booking Service:

Expectations: Customers think that taxi companies provide 24-hours and 7 days a week service. And, they also make you believe that wherever you are and what time of day it is, they will always be there for you with their services.
Reality: But, the reality is customers face the difficulties to book taxi services at midnight when their charges of services go high. This makes the travel services expensive and takes a long time to reach the pick-up location.

Save Time:

Expectations: The customers expect that hiring a taxi service saves a great deal of time and energy in regard to provide a hassle-free journey. They also ensure you that they will send a taxi in just a few minutes after placing the call to them.
Reality: The fares of taxi companies varies with different locations and conditions. Their prices incredibly go high during heavy rain and any other emergency conditions. In that case, customers deal with the hassles like walking to the desired destination and waiting for the other transportation mode.

Professional & Experienced Drivers:

Expectation: Most of the taxi companies make you believe that they provide user-friendly services & professional taxi drivers those have a sense of safety, reliability, and punctuality.
Reality: Most of the drivers are not much familiar with all the routes in the city and also not well familiar with the traffic patterns. And, in some cases, customers also face their rude behavior.


Expectation: Customers assumes that taxis are available at every location and also are very flexible to customize them according to their need. This thing gives them a flexibility of travel wherever they want and whenever they want.
Reality: Drivers refuse to go to certain areas and due to that customers face the issues like changing transportation or modes. It leads to them pay for extra cost when they prefer to travel through another transportation medium.

Final Words:
Now, you know the main myths and misconceptions associated with taxi services. There is no doubt that you can easily book taxis these days, but it also includes some disadvantages. So, before booking a taxi, you need to know about the tactics to hire a reliable taxi service.