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17Mar 2017
Mar 17, 2017

The River Thames is a river that flows through Southern England, it is the longest river entirely in England. It is three hundred and forty six kilometres long (346km) and is the second longest river in the U. K after the River Severn. The River Thames rises in the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire and flows passed Oxford until the Chilterns and on through London to the Northern Sea. The River Thames flows through a number of cities and towns such as: London, Reading, Henley-on-Thames and Windsor. In 2010, the River Thames won the largest environmental award in the world which was a price of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($350 000) for an International River prize.


The fame and fortune of London is owed to the River Thames. Throughout the Middle Ages, the River Thames was one of the main highways and as a result river boats and barges brought fish, wood and wool to London. Also there were small ferry boats which ferried people up and down the river. In the 1700s, trading ships were going up and down the River Thames so as to supply the city of London with a variety of goods to sell; tea, silk and spices from the East. Sugar was transported from the Caribbean, timber from Norway and iron ore from Sweden. The River Thames was so busy that the traffic of ships could hardly move, all the while in a queue to get to the docks and offload their cargo.

Some interesting facts about the River Thames are:

At some point in history it was called Tamesis or Tamesa. However, others state that the river may owe its name from the Sanskit Tames which means ‘dark’. This would be to describe the type of waters in the river which are dark and cloudy. Another line of reasoning is that the river name is taken from the Roman Tam which means wide, according it to the width of the river.

The River Thames has forty five (45) locks located on the non-tidal river.

The River Thames is home to twenty five (25) species of coarse fish

Along the River Thames is the Thames Path which is a walk way that follows the river course. The Thames Path is two hundred and ninety six kilometres (296km) in length, which makes it the longest river side walk in Europe.

Along the River Thames can be found Royal Palaces which were past or are current palaces. Some of these past and current palaces can be found on the banks of the River Thames at Windsor, Hampton Court, Richmond, Kew, Westminster, the Tower of London and Greenwich.

There are twenty four bridges that span across the River Thames in London from the Kew Bridge to the Tower Bridge. Some of the bridges are railway bridges, there is a foot bridge and the majority are road bridges. The oldest bridge on the River Thames is London Bridge.

If the River Thames is your last stop in London on route elsewhere why not use taxi Walton-on-Thames to Gatwick or anywhere else in London.

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