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24Jan 2017
Jan 24, 2017

London’s Heathrow Airport was rated number eight for the 2016 World Airport Awards. Most travelers may agree that the number is fitting or falls short of the experience one enjoys just being at London’s Heathrow Airport. This article will showcase aspects of the London’s Heathrow Airport which will make you fall in love with it. This information is based on a traveler’s personal experience.

Heathrow Airport Perks

1. Friendly, relaxed customer service – while some say that visitors to London’s Heathrow Airport will be greeted by pickpockets and some rude Brits, the experience provided at London’s Heathrow Airport is far from that. There are basically many helpful, professional people all over London from waitresses to taxi drivers to store clerks and London’s Heathrow Airport is no exception. According to one traveler’s experience the airport TSA was very approachable and easy going and the same was true about security staff. Instead of being stern and uptight as has come to be expected of TSA and security staff, London’s Heathrow Airport officials were said to be respectful and friendly. They exuded a relaxed attitude and friendly customer service at such a level that flying becomes less stressful.

2. High end duty free shopping – once a traveler passes the security checkpoint there is not much to do unless to wait for your flight. Other airports have the shoe box sized bookstores and souvenir shops, a few chain stores and that is pretty much it but at London’s Heathrow Airport there is shopping galore. The airport has a mini mall there set up for the pleasure of shoppers who are waiting for their plane. Travelers can enjoy high end cosmetics, perfumes and fashion shops and indulge themselves in some of the world’s renowned labels such as Chanel, Prada, Clarins etc.

3. Good food options – London’s Heathrow Airport has good food options compared to most airports and has sushi bars with sushi on a conveyor belt and gourmet food restaurants for different taste buds. Restaurants include sit ins with your choice of French, Italian and traditional dishes. Also grab and go foods are available too and are just as sophisticated.

4. Pharmacies, bookstores and boutique shops – the airport comes equipped with stores that provide health and wellness items, beauty related essentials too. There are also bookstores which offer substantive literary material and e-readers for sale. Also there are clothing stores just in case you forgot an outfit or accessory.

5. Souvenirs – if you forgot to buy a souvenir before finding a cheap taxi to Heathrow, London’s Heathrow Airport has you covered; because you can still pick up something meaningful at the airport. The souvenirs are not the random “I Love London” banners but are person specific and come with a variety of choices for the traveler. Some examples of souvenirs available are kitchen accessories, British jam and jellies, chocolates and cookies, tea cups and coffee mugs. All these available at affordable prices for the traveler.

6.Layover hotels – if you have a long layover time and need to catch up on sleep, London’s Heathrow Airport has hotels for your needs, overnight and hourly stays.

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